• Cat ImageAphrodisiacs
    What is an aphrodisiac? Food, supplements? Do they work?
  • Cat ImageSex and the Menopause
    Women often feel uneasy when the subject of the menopause comes up. Sex before, during and after the menopause is different for every women. Each women goes through a different experience that often is hard to articulate.
  • Cat ImageWeekly thread
    This is our weekly discussion point. To keep the community connected we will start a weekly chat thread.
  • Cat ImageOrientation, behaviour and indentity
    Our sexual orienation, sexual behaviour sexual indentity are all different things and we don't always have them matched up.
  • Cat ImageProstate Stimulation
    Prostate stimualtion is when the prostate gland is stimullated. It can be contentious if you are straight man. Many men feel if they enjoy this stimulation it puts their sexuality into question.
  • Cat ImageAsexuality
    Asexualit is the lack of sexual attraction you have to others and or also the low interest in sexual activity. Some consider their asexuality to be their sexual orientation, and others would describe it as the absence of sexual orientation.
  • Cat ImageSelf-love
    Self-love is about acceptance. Loving and liking yourself which is fundamental before loving another person. The same goes for masturbation also known as self-love. If you cannot pleasure yourself, how will you pleasure another?
  • Cat ImageThe Female Gspot
    A German gynocologist found the female gspot in 1940. It is a small area inside the vagina which is located about an inch or so inside the vaginal opening. It is on the upper vaginal wall and closest to the bellybutton. The G-spot is sexually sensitive and will swell slightly during arousal and it raised or bumpy to touch.
  • Cat ImageWoman to woman
    Many women are attracted to each other at some point in their lives. Is it possible to have lesbian feelings, experiences but be straight for most of your life? Is it about the person or your fundamental sexuality?
  • Cat ImagePlus size
    How do you express your sexualtiy if you are plus sized. Is it a challenge? If you are comfortable in your body why should it concern others?
  • Cat ImageAdult sex education
    Sex education is like anything else, it is a life long learning process. It does not stop just because we get older. Don't assume simply beause you are not young that you know everything. There is always more to learn.
  • Cat ImageYour sexuality
    This is a space to discuss what sexuality means and how it i s unique to eveyone.
  • Cat ImageSexual dysfunction
    Sexual dysfunction occurs in many poeple's lives. It can be caused by a whole host of reasons and causes distress, anger and shame. It's time to remove the shame and understand the causes and treatments available.
  • Cat ImageThe joys of anal
    Anal sex still raises eyebrows and many disaprove of anal sex for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. Why is that? Whether between a man and women or 2 men or a woman/man and a dildo, what is that is considered so taboo?
  • Cat ImageAll kinds of kink
    Kink is different for everyone and there are many levels that appeal to people. Most people like a little saucy play. Kinky for one person may be vanilla for the next.
  • Cat ImageMale Sexuality
    Male sexualtiy can change. It can ebb and flow as can female sexuality. We do not generally discuss the nature of it outside heterosexuality or homosexuality. It does not stay static during your life and can be made up pf many parts.
  • Cat ImageCasual Relationships
    Are friends with benefits a good idea or will it always end in disaster?
  • Cat ImageLove and Connection
    What is the difference between love and connection? Is it the same thing?Do you always need to have both and can one exist without the other?
  • Cat ImageThe Aftermath of Affairs
    Can you relationship recover from an affair? Is it the ulitmate betrayal or can it just be a chapter of a relationship that you can survive?
  • Cat ImageFemale Desire
    We talk about men's desire all the time, but little about womens' desire. Do women desire less then men, the answer is no.
  • Cat ImageSex as we age
    Sex changes as we get older but it does not have to dissapear. Often it can become more fullfilling.
  • Cat ImageI want to be switched on sexually
    You can feel sexual but find it very hard to connect your body and mind to those feelings. How do you do that?
  • Cat ImageBi-curiosity
    Whay is bi-curiosity still so taboo. Sexual fluidity is much more common that we think.
  • Cat ImageI don't enjoy sex
    Do you feel you are someone that does not enjoy sex. Is this you, your partner? Do you know why? Do you want to change this?
  • Cat ImageGeneral
    General discussions

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